Frankys Bakery

A massive selection of American style zero calorie sauces and syrups from the famous Frankys Bakery! Ranging from savoury sauces such as BBQ, Burger, Mexican Salsa and Hot Chilli to sweet sauces like Chocolate, Bubblegum, Blue Raspberry and Maple!

Frankys Bakery was founded in 1954 in the great USA! Spotting that there wasn't a range of healthy syrups on the market they created the "Zerup" range....for every serving, there are zero calories! They've created an amazing range of products that are perfect for anyone on a fitness regime, or looking to keep their body healthy.

Mix Match Protein also have entire Frankys Bakery zero calorie flavour drops range! Perfect for adding to porridge or baking for that extra hint of gorgeous flavour. Fun flavours are available such as candy floss and marshmallow!


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