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Hey there!

Here at MMP HQ we believe that fitness should be made easy, fun and accessible to all. There’s no need to change your lifestyle or give up the foods you love (it would be a very sad world) to shed a few pounds or pack on the muscle!

You should be able to have a giggle, enjoy your life and STILL achieve the body you’ve always wanted whilst eating reeeeeeallly tasty snacks.

Through that philosophy, in 2018 Mix Match Protein was born! The fun functional fitness food company…. wow, that was a lot of words beginning with the letter F! We think that you should still be eating vanilla frosted donuts, gooey chocolate cookies, (slightly drooling now) & caramel nut protein bars.

How is this possible? Well they still taste amazing, but our products are protein packed and contain less calories! This means you don’t have to change your food habits, just that you substitute for our healthier delicious versions! Build your own hamper box and mix and match your protein!


"If I can see it and believe it, then I can achieve it."

- Arnold Schwarzenegger


We believe that everyone of our customers are part of the MMP family. We’re all in this together, taking steps forward each day to SMASH our own personal goals. Mix Match Protein are just trying to help make it that little bit easier…

We love hearing from you and welcome feedback and stock requests, and will always share your photos on our popular Instagram and Facebook pages. We don’t bite (well, unless it’s a delicious protein cookie), so get in touch when you feel like it.

 ''Family is not an important thing. It's everything"

- Michael J Fox

Our Founder

Dean Elsmore has always been a fitness fanatic! From the age of 11, he played football at a high level and participated in other sports such as cross country and boxing. When injury ended Deans football career at 20 years of age, he decided to train as an accountant! (We know, a far throw from football!)

Dean Elsmore Mix Match Protein Founder

Dean had always been fascinated with bodybuilding and decided to give it a go. From day one he fell in love with the iron! (Weights that is, not an actual iron).
In 2018, Dean opened an Instagram page detailing his workouts, food tips and his general crazy sense of humour. From talking to followers and other like-minded fitness enthusiasts, he realised that people found it difficult to get into shape due to food choices. This is when the idea of Mix Match Protein formed.
You can follow Dean on Instagram @deanelsmoreuk. He always makes time to talk to his followers and offer any fitness advice, or just have a general chit chat.

''The biggest risk in life is to take no risks at all. Start today"

- Dean Elsmore

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